Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ladies, this is my Secret Wepon Against Colds

I had a customer call me lamenting the fact she had some holiday traveling to do.  Her real issue is fear she will catch a cold or something worse.  I told her about my secret weapon.

The most common way to get a cold is hand to hand contact with  someone who just caught a cold or touch where the virus was recently introduced.  Typically, once exposed we will touch our eyes, nose, or mouth with our hands and the spread is on.

For me the goal is to shut down the spread of the virus by keeping my hands away from my face.  Sounds like a piece of cake, HA! 

The secret weapon is gloves.  Not ugly gloves, mine are cute light weight, with beads on them.  You can get them flesh toned which aren’t as noticeable, really, no one wears gloves in Palm Beach County, except me.  Honestly, at this age I don’t care what other people think and wear them anyway

I frequently wear gloves when I travel and during times when the news reports higher than normal cold and flu activity, which coincides with tourist season, I have been known to wear gloves prior to a holiday or special events. These things are important, I don’t want to attend while I’m sick.

Thin gloves help keep your dexterity while you have them on, getting keys out of your purse, using the cell phone, or reading a book.   The test comes when you move your hands toward your face.  You will stop before you touch your eye, nose, or mouth the gloves remind you.  I have been known to wear my cute gloves under winter gloves so when I take the heavy gloves off the others are ready to protect me.  Go ahead and laugh, I HATE being sick, this works.

If you have kids you may just be destined to colds. If you have grand-kids you may want to beef up on washing your hands when the little petri dishes are around.  Try it I guarantee if you do your colds will be fewer this winter.  
God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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