Friday, September 5, 2014

Yum, homemade kimchi.

My wellness routine is in a perpetual state of flux and flow.  I try something new and if it works out I keep it  Being mindful just because “it” used to work doesn’t mean “it” shouldn’t be upgraded, tweaked, modified, or deleted from my wellness routine.
If it is time to delete "it" I move on with the knowledge.

The latest good idea; I have started making fermented foods.  I started with kimchi a delicious Korean cabbage dish, the first time I made it we liked it so much we didn’t wait for it to ferment. I have since read eating too much can be harmful once the kimchi is fully fermented. Moderation escaped us temporarily. An important part of the benefits process is fermentation, and we ate the entire batch in a week.

The next time I made twice as much and didn't put it in the refrigerator until it started to bubble, a sure sign fermentation has started. 

It takes me a between two and three hours to chop, salt, wash, and assemble all the ingredients to make the kimchi.  The process makes me feel connected to the food.  Think about it, how connected do you feel to a McDonald’s salad, really, where is the love?

The more effort the more connection with the food, which is why Thanksgiving dinner, is so special, why Mom's lasagna rocks my world, why Donnaree’s Jamaican dinners make your eyes roll back in your head, and why Grama Victoria’s homemade perogies gave us sweet dreams. 

I understand my Polish kimchi is not like authentic Korean kimchi.  I’m not sure that matters, we like the food and its good for us.

Once in the fermenting state health benefits include detoxifying heavy metals from liver, kidneys, and small intestines, the Korean red pepper and garlic suppress harmful bacteria and promote beneficial bacteria, containing lots of fiber Kimchi helps prevent constipation, is low in cholesterol, fat content, and calories to name a few benefits.

The down side it is quite high in sodium content, moderation grasshopper. There is always yin with yang that is life and it can’t be avoided.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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