Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oil Pulling Can Save Your Marriage

Bless his heart Harley is a real trooper when it comes to trying new wellness ideas. I present the new idea and sometimes it works for him and sometimes not so much. 

The last experiment I tried that didn’t work so well for him, so he thinks, was oil pulling.  Each morning I take a tablespoon of pure coconut oil and swish it in my mouth for 20 minutes.  It took a while for me to get to 20 minutes, keep in mind practice and patience. 

A variety of oils can be used, for the pulling, sunflower, sesame, olive, or my favorite coconut oil. 

Why bother? Oil pulling disrupts harmful bacteria growing in the mouth, reduces bad breath, reduces inflammation of the gums, brightens teeth, and increases family harmony.

I have sensitive teeth and the oil pulling seems to help with the sensitivity, although I didn’t find any data to support my experience.  

There has been an unexpected blessing in our morning routine, when I don’t speak for 20 minutes the first thing in the morning we never have disagreements because my lips are sealed.  Sometimes Harley wakes up a bit prickly and sometimes he's prickly because I always wake up happy.  One sided conversation happens knowing I am not going to say anything, by the time I am ready to spit the oil out I have forgotten what I was going to comment on and mornings are much more serene. If for no other reason family harmony is a good enough reason for me to continue this practice.

I have been pulling for a year now and find my mouth is in great shape and so is our morning ritual, tee hee, an unexpected blessing.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc


  1. I have just started in the last few months oil pulling with coconut oil. Makes my mouth feel so fresh.

  2. I agree, a friend told me about it last year when I was having so many problems with sensitivity with my poor old teeth. Seems I am a clencher, no grinding just pressure and the results were fine cracks the height of the tooth. I ended up with a bite guard to deter the behavior while I sleep.

    Quite a bit of damage has been done and the coconut oil helps sooth my teeth and mouth.

    Who would have thought this would be a good idea? I am amazed every day by people.

    Hugs to you!!