Monday, June 16, 2014

Solution for Restless Legs.

Do you get a disturbing sensation in your legs causing them to jump or move seemingly by themselves?  For me it feels like an involuntary contracting of muscles an urgency within the muscles, to move. Solutions I have tried include self-massage to get the muscles to rest, stretching, controlled breathing, magnesium supplements, there have been hot and cold compresses, I even have a massage mouse to stimulate and rest the muscles encouraging them to just relax.  These solutions offered various levels of relief, not a solution.

A decade ago I was having a conversation with my Mom about her restless legs, at the time it was a new problem for her and she was anxious for a nutritional solution. The feelings she described were similar to what I have offered above.  During our conversation I consulted one of our favorite books Prescription for Nutritional Healing, their suggestions included Vitamin E which she was already taking, magnesium which she was also taking, and a B formulation.   As she was in her late 70’s at that time, she decided to take a B6-B12-Folic Acid supplement.  

Fast forward to four weeks ago, feeling like a selfish daughter I asked her how the restless legs were, was she still having any symptom’s?   She said it took her about three weeks to notice a difference once she started the supplements, she chewed 3 tablets a day.  Even though the label reads 1 per day, the nurse in her decided that three was not a dangerous amount for her to consume.   She has not had the problem in years.  If you decide to try the extra supplements you should consult your physician or pharmacist just be safe.

Two weeks into the therapy and I was free of the restless legs.  While I was waiting for the B's to work, keep in mind that supplements encourage your body to change not like drugs that force your body to change, I continued the stretching exercises, made sure I got enough water, and massaged my feet and legs if they felt restless. I used heat and cold when I noticed that unsettling feeling, and took a B Supplement in divided doses three times each day.

Even though I think that is a great story and I am still feeling great, the icing on the cake came when one of the girls I work with mentioned her restless legs driving her crazy so much she couldn’t sleep, her legs would jump and wake her up.  She started the B Trio Chewable around the same time as I stopped having the episodes, she followed Mom's protocol and she is not having those episodes any longer.

Is the solution the B’s?  Mom, Donnaree, and I think so.

Three additional remedies from Healthline these made me smile

·         Have more sex. There are anecdotal reports that sexual activity and orgasm may relieve RLS symptoms. The release of orgasm-related dopamine and opioid may play a role in the relief of RLS symptoms.

·         Put soap under the sheets. Many RLS sufferers have reported that this mysterious remedy actually works. No one knows why, but it’s certainly harmless. Put a bar of Ivory under the bottom sheet and see if your symptoms subside. This also works for leg cramps.

·         Take apple cider vinegar tablets (or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water at bedtime if you can tolerate the taste).

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