Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Angel Wings, Hearts and Peace Cowgirl Boots Does It Get Any Better?

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I was taking a line dancing class and was on the hunt for some dancing boots.  

Saturday before class started my friend Gina and I went looking for boots, we were supposed to have smooth bottom shoes and all of mine are rubber.  We ventured into new territory, we headed to the western wear store in our town and received an education on boots.  We had NO idea boots can run thousands of dollars, we didn't know how well made the boots were, and we found there is a right way to put boots on. While we were browsing I found a pair of boots with angel wings,  hearts and peace signs that suited me right to my toes. They were b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!  I wanted those boots!!

In the end I decided I would try the class, see how I liked it, then decide what I would do about footwear.

The first week I did OK with my sandals, the next week we got into more turns and slides and at one point the shoes I had selected went flying across the room, cute shoes, no back, they obviously wouldn't  work for line dancing.  After class the instructor told me I really needed appropriate footwear as what I was wearing could jeopardize my ankles and knees because the shoes weren’t sliding, I could also hurt someone in class with flying shoes. 

In the two weeks I was trying out my existing footwear I was raving about these heart and peace boots to anyone that would listen. I really wanted those boots.  I even carried them around the western store trying to decide how I could swing the purchase.

Last week the most amazing thing happened after UPS made their deliveries for the day.  I was presented with a box.  Guess what was in that box…you guessed it the heart and peace cowgirl boots, in my size.  I had no idea what my coworkers were up to.  I want to thank the wonderful people I work with for an extraordinary gift.  These babies will not be flying across the room and I can turn on a dime without twisting my knee or ankle.

Sometimes I don’t realize how blessed I truly am.  I am surrounded by people that know me well and truly care about me.  Did I need those boots, probably not,  am I going to enjoy them, absolutely!!

With a heart filled with gratitude and love,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc


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