Friday, January 31, 2014

Gardening boots, Line dancing, and chiggers.

Harley and I learned a lasting lesson this past spring.  We arrived at the cabin for a week of watching nature emerge from the clutches of winter.  What we didn’t realize was blood thirsty chiggers are part of the amazing spring emergence. 

We love the woods and as soon as we arrived took a walk around the top of the mountain, we were covered in bites by noon on the first day. I am very fair and  got more than 50 bites walking through the woods I knew I would be in trouble.   First, they started to itch mercilessly, after many weeks the itching went away and the welts started to shrink.  For 6 months I had marks where the bites had been.  The chiggers made a lasting impression on both of us.  God bless him Harley suffered too.

Now that you know that part of the story...I have just started taking line dancing lessons, one of the things we needed to bring to class were shoes that would slide.  I don’t have any shoes that slide so I wore what I had which had rubber bottoms.  After Wednesday’s class I was sure I need shoes with a smooth bottom  to complete the class with any sort of grace.   

Last night I was in Lake Worth and as I was sitting at a traffic light noticed The Galaxy Thrift Store.  “Hmmm”’ I said to myself, “I wonder if they have any cowboy boots?”  Several of the people line dancing had great cowboy boots and they were just sliding all over the place.  I was on the hunt.

I went in and asked for the boot section, they didn’t have any cowboy boots, they did have rubber knee high boots and they were on sale, 50% off, be still my heart.  What use could I possibly have for rubber knee high boots?  Then the chigger story came to my thinking.  First of all these boots are really cute, perfect fit, comfortable, only $5.29 with the tax, water proof and I am hoping chigger proof...SOLD.

The last two days it has been raining here and with all the puddles I was sloshing and jumping through the water having a blast with my new boots.   It was really fun getting back in touch with my inner child.  Who, I am happy to report, is alive and well. 

I hope you and the child of your youth is still a big part of your life, go ahead go jump in some puddles.  

I am on the hunt for 7 1/2 cowboy boots, let me know if you have any cowboy boots that need a good home.

Wishing you blessings, 
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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