Friday, July 5, 2013

OK, what do you eat when you are gluten free?

I am angry over gluten free eating.  This is a new way of eating for me and I just don't know what to eat.  I just sent my friend Donnaree a text.  What the %^&*$# do I eat when gluten is off the menu?

I took a few deep breaths and focused on the goal, feel better, breathe through my nose, clear lungs.

I am not happy! If I were to be happy about eliminating gluten it would be that it happened during the summer.  We normally have some great seasonal vegetables and fruits, but right now is the jackpot.  Mangoes are ready.  Woo Hoo!!  I can eat my weight in mangoes...

OK, I can't eat my weight in mangoes, I suppose that was premature elation, so off to the store I go.

Our cupboards are filled with chips, crackers, cookies, frozen waffles, 10 types of pasta, perogies, English muffins, wheat bread, raisin bread, and  rye bread to name a few items containing gluten.  My first trip to the grocery store took a really long time, first, I didn’t know what to fix, second, I had to read so many labels I finally gave up and decided to stick with fresh.  It seems to be the easiest solution as fresh food doesn’t need a gluten free label, there is naturally no gluten in most items.  I am eating rice, oatmeal, fish, fruits and vegetables, and my much loved dark chocolate. I expect to expand that list as I talk to people and do more research.

The foods I am eating are the ones I remember being served in my grandmothers summer kitchen, fresh from the garden my grand pop tended in the side yard.  We would sneak in the garden looking for something delectable that might be ready to harvest.

The single most disturbing factor is I am only two days into the program and my ear is unclogged, I am hearing fine and my congestion is much better.  This is not good, or maybe it is, I love breathing through my nose, what an amazing treat, and I smelled several fragrances today.  Usually, I have no sense of smell an my congestion is typical.

Coincidence?  Maybe yes maybe no.

Are you gluten free? What are you having for dinner?
Director of Member Services and Smiles
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