Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Darn, the problem could be gluten

Here I am one week in the gluten free diet experience my ears are clear, my sinuses are MUCH better, my balance is improved from my ears being clear, and I am feeling much better. Harley says I am not snoring the roof off the house, and some nights I am so quiet he reaches over to make sure I am OK.

I am regimented about using the Ocean saline spray and figuring out what foods increase the mucus production in my sinuses and throat, post nasal drip. Manufacturers hide gluten and wheat in so many small places it is a job to adhere to the format.

I am finding recipes I really like and take food with me when I am not sure what will be offered.  I found that if I am hungry I get irritable and make poor choices.  The trick for me is being prepared to eat when I am hungry.  People will notice the cool stuff you have packed and ask about what you are doing.   The conversations I have had with people about allergies have been very interesting and several friends are trying this process to see how they will do on it.

I met a woman this week that lost 40lbs by going gluten free, and she admitted it mostly came from her belly area.

I found a squash recipe this week.

Sesame Oil, mustard seed, crushed garlic, zucchini and yellow squash cut in bite size pieces.  Heat the oil add the seeds and garlic, cook until the garlic starts to turn beige, add squash to desired texture and enjoy. 

I like a small amount of oil, lots of seeds and garlic, squash is almost free this time of year, so I prepare what I will eat at one sitting, a medium zucchini and small yellow squash.  YUM!!!

Now is an interesting test, vacation at the beach with the family, six nieces, brother, mother and me, Oh-my.

Any words of wisdom or encouragement?

Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, In


  1. Teri,

    Enjoyed your article. I am on day 25 of life without any medications and day 17 without a migraine!! Life is so good!! We are enjoying eating gluten-free. It makes us better all around. Strength, energy, attitude and joy!

    People say it is more expensive but we prove them wrong. An example: We bought a $17 piece of flank steak and $12 (on sale) pound of shrimp and had surf and turf for five days straight! We added all kinds of delicious fresh vegetable and skinned small purple and white potatoes into a skillet with thin sliced steak and presto in less than 20 minutes we were eating like a king and queen. If we were still hungry, which we haven't been, we would have a slice of my banana/ black walnut bread. :) Per person, per meal those five days we spent around $3 each!!

    I have been without dairy for a week. My sinus has improved. I have learned how and where it massage my sinuses too. Amazing!

    Now my husband wants me to order a "Zumba" DVD!! Why not? I ask Rita which one would be the best for starters. She said any from online. :)

    Life is so good.

    Barbara Mudge
    author of "What Kind of Apple Are You?"


  2. The banana/ black walnut bread I make is easy. Buy Betty Crocker gluten-free yellow cake mix; add eggs and butter and black walnuts and bake. I put a lot of spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves into it too. :)

    Barbara Mudge
    author of "What Kind of Apple Are You?"