Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chronic ear infections, could it be gluten?

I have had six months of problems with my ears.  The right side is clogged up so I have muffled hearing.  It is not entirely closed but enough to be disturbing.  One I don’t hear well on that side and two I wonder what is going on behind the scenes am I causing damage to my ear and hearing.

I have gone to my general MD twice for this problem ear drops, antibiotics, nasal spray and anti-inflammatory drugs were prescribed.  It goes away then is back in a matter of weeks.  I am getting out the big guns today and going to an ENT, ear nose and throat, specialist.  

The ENT recommends Claritin, the anti-inflammatory nasal spray I have been using, and Ocean. Ocean is a saline solution spray to help cut down on bacteria and cleanse the sinuses.   Honestly, partial hearing is interfering with my life and I have to get serious about a solution.  So I will use the Ocean spray 4-5 times each day plus the Claritin and see what happens.

Our CEO called me after my appointment and asked about the course of action.  After a short discussion she asked me if wheat and gluten had been a problem for me.  As a long time allergy sufferer I had eliminated many things from my diet but never gluten.  It’s in chocolate cake, and chocolate chip cookies, and key lime pie, tacos, donuts, and pasta, and, and, and . No I have not considered a diet without gluten.

Honestly, when the shock of eliminating gluten from my diet settled in I decided that I felt bad enough that I would try it for a couple of weeks.  If I felt better after two weeks I would hang on for a month and then decide what to do.

I hate feeling like crap and my allergies and sinuses have always been a weak link in my health.


Are you gluten free?

Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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