Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vitamin D, is it being absorbed?

D3 is the sunshine vitamin
Vitamin D is a popular topic; it comes up every day in conversations and articles that cross my desk.  Frequently the topic has to do with research stating Vitamin D3 improves important immune functions. The point of this conversation is not that D matters but is it being absorbed?  I decided to find out.

My doctor believes Vitamin D levels are an indicator of wellness and administers a blood test to check levels each year.  Last year was the first year she thought it was important enough to test me and I can tell you I failed miserably.  My score was 23.  Optimal blood level testing according to Dr. B is between 45-100. 

Silly me, I thought living in Florida was enough to absorb all the Vitamin D a person needs from the sun.  Apparently, you must spend a bit more time than I have been outdoors to get the benefits, I am reevaluating my sunshine time.  We average 238 sunny days here each year, there are no excuses good enough to solve this I need to go out and play more.

Moving forward, in an effort to improve my D levels I started taking 5,000IU of D3 each day. 

I am always happy to find when I take a supplement it is actually doing something.  This year I was in much better shape with my score coming in at 66. D3 is one of those supplements you really can’t tell anything is happening when you take it. I don’t feel better, more sunny, more well, seems Vitamin D works quietly behind the scenes mending, repairing, shoring up problems that arise, you don’t notice when your body is working properly, you notice when things go wrong.

I like the Vitamin D3 in the softgel it is a tiny softgel and bioavailable to my system.  Vitamin D is fat soluble, for best absorption take with food.
Not the most scientific study but I know, what I have done works for me and may work for you too.
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  1. Hi, Teri, Got the story from Steve Gibson, of all people, at over a year ago when he did 2 podcasts on vitamin D. When you have the time, DO visit and find his podcasts under SecurityNow.
    More recently, he has done podcasts on his new low carb lifestyle and has gone into ketosis! Everything at is FREE except for SpinRite6 and if you ever need it, you need it.


    1. Hi Posey,

      The importance of D3 levels were first introduced to me with literature from Bill Henderson and his Cancer Free book.

      Then Harley was diagnosed with Chemical Neuropathy and Dr. Rodier recommended 20,000IU of D3 which at the time I thought was quite high.

      Seems Vitamin D3 is helpful for many types of conditions I am concerned about, like retaining my teeth, immune boosting, and bone health,

      Nice to hear from you!! I will watch those videos later this week. Hugs from Florida.

  2. Teri, In the USA people are not tested often enough. My doctor thought it was important but every year I'd be below 50 and have to take large script size doses for a month etc. One day I was ordering from Our Health Coop and you were giving away the simple OHC Vit. D3 1000 mg. I ordered two and decided to take one daily. When the next test rolled around I was ok and didn't have to take the big doses. That has continued for 5 years now.

    The bonus is that I went from having osteopenia to having normal bone density during that same period. AND I stopped taking calcium for other reasons. Vitamin D3 at 1000 mg. daily has moved me back to normal bone density and I've stayed there for three years. I am so pleased with OHC for all my supplement needs and I love how much information you provide for each product. My Naturapath gave a thumbs up when he read your labels. He especially likes the Multi Veggies which I take twice a day.

    1. Good Day Sandy,

      I am thrilled to hear about your bone density returning to normal. I have had issues with osteopenia and turned to calcium and yoga with a good measure of success. I am getting a bone density test next month after almost 10 years, now I am looking forward to the results. I admit I have been taking less of my calcium supplements. Since my last bone density test I have taken almost all dairy out of my diet as well as meat. I do enjoy fish on occasion.

      MultiVeggies are an amazing product, always rating in the top 10 most popular products.

      Maybe it is time to do another free bottle of D3 1,000IU. I will send it along to the marketing department.

      With the American diet the way it is bone density is a problem for MANY women.

      Thank you for your encouraging note.