Friday, November 9, 2012

Pulling Wisdom Teeth?

For 40 years one dentist or another has been recommending I get my wisdom teeth out.  They never made an argument persuasive enough for me to consider the extraction.  Well all that changed yesterday.

Dr. Watson said it was truly time to have them taken out, the extra teeth are affecting my bite, causing the grinding and tense jaw.  I have known all along the wisdom teeth did not grow in straight, instead of coming in from top to bottom like the rest of my teeth, they came in angling toward my cheeks, consequently I bit myself all the time. Alright already!!

As we sat there discussing what pulling wisdom teeth would actually mean  I got a vision of me in the chair and Dr. Watson with a pair of pliers his foot on my chest and him pulling away at these old teeth.  He reassured me it wouldn’t be like that at all, he said he would have his knee on my chest to pull on the old teeth.  Now I feel better, not!

Do you have any wisdom to share with me on wisdom teeth and their extraction?

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc


  1. Ah...poor you. The recovery is a bit harder as you get older, and there is more chance of "dry socket". Happened to my step-mom. You might want to give that a google as I think there are ways of minimizing the chances of that happening. I was 18 when I got mine done. My endodontist gave me valium IV sedation, so the procedure itself was not a problem, but I needed someone to drive me home after. I got some good napping in afterwards! Make sure to have plenty of soup at home for after. And straws for sipping the soup since your mouth might be packed with cotton. It's been quite awhile since I had mine out, though, so things might be a bit different for you. Make sure you get an Rx for pain medication for after as well. You will be quite sore for awhile. Good luck!

  2. Back in 1968 the dentist told me to have my wisdom teeth taken out. He
    showed me x-rays - I had 3 of them, not four, and one of them was sideways.
    I decided against the surgery. Here we are and all is well. "If it ain't
    broke, then don't fix it." If it IS broke, then fix that problem and leave
    well enough alone.

    Good luck with your teeth, Terri.