Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Renewed appreciation for Mom.

Mom, me, and brother Jim
My friends are losing their parents. We are getting older and these passing’s happen, it is part of life, we all get to experience the cycle of life from birth until we leave these bodies.  I really do believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience so the passing of the person is not the disturbing part to me.  It is the way life changes when their love and council is no longer a phone call away for those of us that are left to continue the journey.

My friend Cindy lost her mom years before she actually died to years of Alzheimer’s disease and even though Carol no longer recognized her daughter Cindy was deep in her sadness when she passed.  Cindy was happy her Mom was no longer lost although she missed the essence of the woman she had once been.

Our friend Chris lost his mom recently.  She had been ill for quite a while and her passing was expected.  He told us even though he knew her days were severely limited when she died he was not prepared for the emotions that came up for him. 

Stephen lost his mom last week.  She had health troubles but nothing any of us considered catastrophic, and without warning she was gone.   

The first thing I did after speaking to Stephen was to call Mom and make sure she knew how much I loved her, what a wonderful mom she has always been, and continues to be.  

As I look over how our relationship has evolved I smile thinking how much she embarrassed me growing up, nothing in particular just because she was “Mom”.  I couldn’t wait to go to college and get away from the rules of home.  When life started to get serious and it was time to purchase my first home it was amazing how smart she got.  Where had she learned all this stuff, she must have been studying while I was away, it is the only explanation that made sense at the time.

During the years I have gone between people saying, “You are just like your Mother”  and dreading it, to being honored when people say I am just like Mom. 

I have been blessed with the perfect mother for me.  She was tough when times called for it and gentle and understanding during the growth phases of my life.  Mom even tells me she is proud of me.  I suppose that is what Chris, Cindy, and Stephen will miss most.  No one can say words with the depth and meaning that Mom can.  Maybe it's the history we share, maybe it is the warm arms, and sweet smile.  We are just connected to mom in a way that no one else will ever be able to fill.

I am sad for my friends.

 I am blessed to have a renewed appreciation for the fragility of life and how special Mom is.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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