Friday, August 3, 2012

Pedicures, and laughter.

Have you ever been to the salon and felt like your toes are being talked about? 

Our local salon has a group of lovely, petite, Korean ladies doing pedicures and manicures.  They take you to a comfortable chair, put your feet in a warm tub of water to soak, then shape your nails, massage your calves and wrap them in warm towels as they paint your toe nails.  For ladies and fewer men, which is too bad, this is a very relaxing opportunity. 

It had been quite a while since I had a pedicure and decided to spoil myself a little.  I heard Dr. Oz say the chemicals from the polish will transfer through your nails, since then I have stopped doing my nails on a regular basis.  This particular day I decided to indulge.

What is interesting about the ladies and gentlemen that attend to your nails is they will make a remark in a sweet small voice in their own language and erupt with laughter.  Then they will be still and quiet again until another thought comes up.  I believe all the thoughts are comical in some way because they always say something and then all the voices laugh quite joyously and then go still as they go back to work. 

I have this theory that they are talking about the feet they are working on.  Will you just look at how large these feet are, or  the toes on these feet are so hairy I can’t believe it, or look at the toes on this one some going north and some going east and west. From the outside looking in it appears to be a happy sisterhood. 

Perhaps they aren’t even talking about toes. 

As they file and massage they will pause say something else and again erupt into fits of laughter. 

I was confused on the conversation but happy to be hearing their joyful laughter.

Maybe you should pamper yourself today with a little massage and polish?
As an aside, be sure you patronize a salon that has a reputation for being sanitary.  This is a very broad topic and I leave it to you to do your due diligence before having your nails done.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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