Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Are you afraid of thunderstorms?

Are you afraid of thunderstorms?

It is thundering today. I love the rumble in the distance it is comforting and reminds me of peaceful times when I was little, this is not so for everyone.

We lived in South Windsor Connecticut when I was really small.  There was a bench swing that hung from the ceiling of the front porch and  when thunder storms would roll through in the summertime my Dad and I would sit out on the swing and solve any problems that had come up in life.  Like my latest turtle escaping and finding him dead, or removing the training wheels on my bike, or that really big pink French Poodle stuffed animal I wanted that was a grand prize in a contest I had entered, we discussed the trials I was experiencing at school, how my best friend Eileen Marie Howe was doing, or the latest conversation around the big tree we all hung around in the woods nearby.   This was part of our father/daughter time and it is likely the reason I love to hear the rumble and watch the lightening.

Donnaree on the other hand had grown up in Jamaica and her memories as a child were much different than mine.  Her memory goes back to seeing lightening hitting a coconut palm near her and having the tree die, and thinking that could have been her dying.  A vivid impression for a small girl. She remembers when Hurricane Gilbert came blowing through, she was 9 years old,  and their home was not sturdy enough to withstand the storm so Mom tied Donnaree and her sister to a tree and her brothers to another until the storm passed,  can you imagine how frightening that would be? 

I will always remember the gentleman who had just come home from enjoying the beach with his daughter.  It was a sunny day, off in the distance they could hear thunder but didn’t think much about it.  She went in to fix some sandwiches and he went to the mail box to check the mail.  There was a loud clap of thunder, the daughter went out to find her father dead on the sidewalk,  he had been struck by lightning.  A tragic end.  This young woman will have a decidedly different reminder of her father when it thunders in the distance.

I hope you have a fearless day deep with respect for Mother Nature!!

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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