Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The burglars didn't get in.

Harley loves creating beautiful living space, he is also a sticker for safety.  When you hire Harley to do work in your home he will offer suggestions he would have in our home. 

Several years ago he and his partner John did an extensive project for a client which entailed doubling the living space and installing hurricane proof or impact windows and doors in the home.

Over the weekend the home invasion alarm went off calling the local police.  The clients were out of town and the home owner called Harley to ask him to meet with the police and take care of any problems that had been created. 

Harley told me the story like this.  He met the 20 something officer at the clients home. As they went around the residence analyzing the attempts to the points of entry first were French doors at the rear of the home, it was obvious the intruders had a huge rock they hurled at the doors, the glass broke but the integrity of the filaments in the reinforced glass held fast the impact doors remained in place, the intruders did not get in.  There are large garden doors in the master bedroom the would be burglars took a pry bar to the doors trying to gain access in several places, the locking system had been secured and the doors won.  Then in a final attempt they went to the side of the home and tried to pry up a window, again no luck.

The officer made a call to report his findings and before long a more mature officer joined them and wanted to know more about the damage and who was in charge of the structure that had kept the home invaders out.  Local burglars know the area around the golf course for many is only a winter residence.  They obviously didn’t know who and what they were dealing with when they tried this particular home.

You see the second officer lives down the street and couldn't believe the story the younger officer was reporting.  The second officer wanted to speak to Harley about installing the same windows in his home as were installed in the home that the burglars walked away from without getting in.  

South Florida learned many things from Hurricane Andrew, impact windows and doors were part of the learning from Andrew.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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