Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The old address had a fire...

I have been watching the news about the wild fires in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.  The reporters state unbelievable amounts of acres have been burned, the amount of homes that have been consumed rise each day, and the people displaced continues to grow.   As I listened to the reports I felt sad for everyone whose homes were in jeopardy, the animals running from the fire, and the fire fighters battling a blaze that has been burning for weeks and is zero percent contained.

The disaster took on a face yesterday.  One of our customers called to place an order and as we were going over the ship to information I asked if the data had changed and she told me, “Yes, the old address had a fire.” 

As the words settled in my thoughts, she said, “We have insurance and now I have to remember everything we have worked for our entire lives, put it on paper, and send it to the insurance company.”  I know she wanted to tell me about the things that would never be replaced and the memories the old house held, then she said, “The home was a total loss.”

The good news for our customer is she is optimistic, her loved ones were unharmed, she had hope the insurance company would be equitable in helping her and her husband get settled into another home, this lady was flexible in her thinking and I believe the way you perceive a situation gives you the ability to rise above it or sink with it. 

I am sure by the time the fires are under control and a sense of normalcy returns to the many lives that have been affected an abundance of opportunities will have been presented to embrace the new and let go of the past.

I am happy that is not my challenge today, I am not sure how well I would do.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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