Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gnats in the kitchen compost.

With Bugs :(
We are supporters of composting at our home.  I have a container in our kitchen for green scraps.  Some people have fancy composters which may have benefits to long term composted mass.  We are much simpler and just toss the scraps on the ground and let nature take over. 

In the backyard we have a section with four types of bananas.  This is where I toss the scraps, at the feet of the banana trees.  The Florida heat turns those scraps to dry mulch in no time. 

Occasionally, we have to turn the top of the soil as we have volunteers that come up from the composting seeds, right now we have squash, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and cucumbers all coming up, only it is too hot for them to produce food just the plant in the South Florida summer heat. The plants will grow, flower, but that is the end of the cycle.

Without Bugs :)
The point of this tale is we were getting these pesky gnats hovering around the flower vase I use as a storage vessel in the kitchen until I am ready to walk the scraps out to the yard.  I was bothered by the gnats but hadn’t put a solution high enough on the priority list to consider.  Keep in mind this has been going on for months.

Mom came for a visit and one day I came home from work and she had put a lid to one of my pans on the vase. The bugs had already moved on searching for another food source.  This is such an easy solution for a pesky problem, Mom's are so clever.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
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