Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fireflies, Lightening Bugs, or Peeny Wallys?

As a kid we used to love chasing and catching fireflies, we would put them in empty jars and let them go when they were exhausted.  I was afraid of two things as a child one was the dark the other vampires.  I used to think how wonderful life would be if could have the abilities of a firefly I could have flown away or turned on the light which would have been the solution to most of my problems back then.

While visiting the cabin we are fortunate enough to have a hot tub overlooking the back woods, the jets massaging our vacation weary muscles, and the water temperature not too hot not too cold.  We enjoyed a relaxing soak each evening as the sun was about to set.

The fireflies come out slowly flashing as the sun lowers, they float and glow as the evening starts to settle in, and when it is totally dark they disappear until the next day.  What a delightful way to go through life with a light when you need one and the ability to fly, unfortunately they only live for two weeks.

We look for the fireflies when we come down to soak in the tub and smile as they glow here and there. We don’t have fireflies in our town which is sort of sad, I suppose the yards are kept mowed too close and there is nowhere for them to hide during the day.

The childlike connection to fireflies happens all over Stephen grew up in California and he remembers them being called lightening bugs, Donnaree’s childhood was in Jamaica, she remembers them as peeny wally’s, and my childhood goes back to Connecticut and I remember fireflies.

Sweet memories revisited.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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