Thursday, May 17, 2012

Will work for clothes.

Last night on the way home I decided to stop into my very first yoga teacher’s studio to do some shipping.  The yoga studio is in the back of the shop and a charming boutique is in front was having a sale. 

Donnaree was riding with me as she was having some work done on her car and we live very close to each other.
We walked in the store and a sales person came over to introduce herself and show us where the deals were. As we strolled the isles we eventually got to the counter where a yoga friend was on the phone, Marianne works in the store.  She got all excited when she saw me, our shopping experience was about to change. 

Jamar usually teaches the 6:00PM yoga class but was out of town, the sub he had lined up called at the last minute to cancel and the other subs on her list were busy.  Marianne was out an instructor and was in a bit of a panic.   The next thing I heard was, “You’re a yoga instructor would you like to teach in 30 minutes?”

Keeping in mind I had a friend with me, I had never taught in a studio, no comfortable clothes, no music, no watch, no time to plan, it was 5:30PM,  I did have a yoga mat and love in my heart so basically I was ready.

They told me I could teach whatever style of yoga I wanted,  it was right about then students started walking in ready for a class, I said, "Yes." 

Donnaree is a good sport and loves free classes so she said she would be happy to stay; the ladies selected some music, found me a clock, and took some comfortable clothes off the rack for me including a great T shirt supporting Patanjali and the yoga sutras.

I got changed; we set up the room, and had a wonderful vinyasa flow class.  I got a couple of hugs after the class, any time you get a hug the class is a success.

As everyone filed out I told Marianne I would have to keep the T shirt as it was a bit moist.  She said during the class she had gotten in touch with the store manager and would like to offer me the clothes in lieu of a monetary payment.  I was thrilled $80.00 of yoga clothes was awesome pay.

Donnaree and I laughed all the way home.  My first class taught in a studio was owned by the man I took my first yoga class from 16 years ago it completes the circle.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc


  1. Teri, that's a wonderful story! Good for you! You accepted what could have been a daunting challenge and were rewarded wonderfully! Of course, I know you weren't expecting anything like that. The shirt sounds awesome. Do you think you may teach there regularly?

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Marianne said I would be on the substitute list for the center. With my Co-op schedule there are many classes I would not be available to fill in for. I do have a regular class starting June 9th in the town I live in. I am so excited it is a beginners class which are so much fun because beginners have the open curious mind.

    I am feeling very blessed to have these opportunities opening up to me.