Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Washing clothes for 20 people.

I was watching one of the Good Morning shows before work and they were featuring a family with 20 people.  The laundry issue is on a grand scale in that home and their laundry room has four industrial size washers and four industrial size dryers.  From what the matriarch of the family said the washers and dryers run constantly, I bet they do.

Another interesting item about this family is they have one closet and all the clothes get put away by size.  You go in and take what fits and off you go so as the children grow there isn’t a lot of drama about getting new clothes they are already hanging in the closet, brilliant.

By contrast my friend was telling me about her son who just washes what he needs for the day.  For example if he needs a shirt and a pair of pants that is all he will wash.  I like to plan ahead a bit more than that; it seems to work for him.

Another friend told me his kids frequently wear clothes for just a part of the day while they are hanging out, and then put them in the hamper for Mom to wash and restock the closet.  My friend recognizes those garments, puts them on hangers, and they go back in the closet before they get to the washer.  Genius, not washing clean clothes, it makes sense to me.

Mom lives in a senior housing facility, she puts her laundry in her wheelchair and pushes it down to the community laundry, reads a book while she is waiting and wheels everything back. 

At my house Harley does his own laundry that is what happens when you are picky about the way you want your clothes washed and dried, tee hee.

I wash my dirty clothes every other Sunday.  I have enough choices for two weeks without laundry becoming a problem.  One thing about getting older most of my wash is not dirty as much as dusty, I don’t get dirty at work, gardening season has come to a close, and really how dirty do you get doing yoga, not so much.

I never really thought about laundry until I heard about the family with 20 people

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