Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AirCast CryoCuff for cooling joints

I must share with you an amazing contraption Harley got for cooling his knee. 

As I was trying to write the description of how the cool pack works it seemed easier to show you how it works. 
I love the way the cuff so simply uses gravity to move cool water in to the cuff, then allow the tissue to cool, and when the water warms up, let it drain back in the reservoir.  Once the water enters the thermos type container it only takes a moment to be cooled by the ice in the receptacle and it is ready to flow back into the cuff.  Hopefully, you will find this as interesting as I did.

Here is the link for the cryocuff what do you think?

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Donnaree did the filming and Chris and Stephen did what was necessary to get the video posted, thank you all!

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  1. Hi Teri: My thanks for the tip to take Immune Formula for Spring Allergies. (had believed it was only to fight off colds,flu.) It really works-has stopped the constant sneezing & sinus drainage. What a relief in this crazy spring with it's daily hot/cold temperature changes. .