Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The bird lived happily ever after...

I was pondering ahimsa and saving a life and remembered a much bigger critter I helped save.  This happened four years ago, when I would take our golden retriever to the pond in our development for some exercise.

He was swimming after a tennis ball and there was this bird going under the water then popping up.  We do have that sort of diving bird here so I really didn’t pay to close attention to the bird at first.  After a few minutes I noticed he was popping up and going down in the same place.  Hmmm, this is odd.

It was about then that Zac noticed the bird and started to swim toward it, that is when I realized there was something terribly wrong with the bird.  I got Zac in the car and drove home, a few blocks away.  Told Harley he had to come with me.  He wanted to know why, I told him it was an emergency and I would give him details on the way, knowing he would rather be doing something else than get involved in a bird rescue.

Harley is a softie when it comes to animals in trouble.  After some quick talking he was on board to save the tortured creature.  We couldn’t get to the bird as he was in the middle of the pond; Harley noticed a canoe behind a home we knocked on the door to ask if we could use the boat.  The lady who answered was blind and had forgotten there even was a boat in her yard, which is another story.  We borrowed the boat and carefully moved toward the still bobbing bird.  I was concerned about getting pecked as this bird had a really long neck and was in obvious distress.

We approached slowly so I could evaluate how to disentangle our new friend.  Somehow the bird had gotten his leg hopelessly entangled to a buoy line which was grounded to the bottom of the pond.  We had a knife with us and as I pulled up the line the bird was able to breathe, I cut the line just below his leg, I was certain he was going to peck me but he didn’t.

He dove back under the water once he was free.  We saw him surface a short distance away and appeared to be none the worse for his trauma.

As I recall the story, he lived happily ever after, had a flock of peeps, and told them all the story about monsters that saved his life one day at the pond.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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