Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The smell of Gardenia

The more I read things  that seem to make sense the more changes I have made in my diet, exercise patterns, and behavior practices.  When I think of all the small changes I have made it turns out to be a life much more consciously lived on many levels.

When my old friend Zac, the Golden Retriever, passed on my allergies showed a marked improvement.  I still had enough inflammation in my sinuses that I couldn’t smell.  This has been going on for decades with his passing I could breathe without daily decongestants that raised my blood pressure.

This spring is the first time I have been able to smell our gardenia tree, heaven!  I could smell the orange blossoms too, a reminder of vacations to Florida before I lived here.  I have even started wearing a rose essential oil that smells lovely, I haven’t worn perfume for many years.  I am waiting to meet a puppy in my travels, I used to love the smell of puppy breath. 

I saw the movie Forks over Knives this weekend.  It was an amazing production about the choices we make and the effects of those choices.  Mainly they spoke about omitting meat and dairy from our diet which are things I have done over the last few years.

The one doctor in the film said if it was born, hatched, had a mother, father, breathed, chewed, flew, or walked don’t eat it.  This really made me laugh.  There were quite a few seniors at the showing and almost everyone said what would I eat if I cut those things out of my diet.

It is hard to make these choices in the beginning because I didn't know what to eat either.  The reason I have stayed with these choices is because I feel great.  Recently, I meet a much younger friends mother.  The mom thought I was 42, yeah Mom.

Having my sense of smell back is one more benefit has been achieved.  I don’t smell well, but I can detect fragrances something I could never do before.

Don't be afraid of the small changes over time they become part of your routine and become easy.  I have made many new friends while exploring alternate choices.  I hope to meet you on my path.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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  1. Terri,

    Thank you. Great article. I too have terrible sinus issues. I have been suggesting to my husband for a couple of years now to omit dairy and everything but fish and chicken to start. He is very reluctant but as we both get older he may be bending some! We are eating 70% veggies, 10% starch (potatoe or wheat pasta) and 20% chicken or fish with a beef once in awhile but no pork. Progress!