Thursday, March 15, 2012

Need a name for the new kitty

Stephen has a new cat.  One evening he was in a busy parking lot when he heard a kitten screaming from the bushes.  He stepped closer to see what could be making all the racket, his first mistake.  It turned out to be a very friendly kitten he is guessing about six month’s old, as soon as he came close she ran out and started rubbing his lower leg and purring.

Cute isn't she?
There were no homes in the area so Stephen made his second mistake, he picked her up and took her home.  It seems the new cat has some Siamese in her as she likes to talk… a lot! She is lucky the parking lot does not have a return policy on rescued kittens.  The new cat makes Jasmine growl, hiss and spit; she is Stephen’s old rescued cat.  Jasmine is about 17 years old, lives under his bed, is not very social, and puffs up like she has been electrocuted whenever the kitten is near.

Good thing for the kitten Stephen has the deciding vote when there is a tie.  It looks like the new cat gets to stay the only problem for now is she needs a name. 

We are looking for assistance in the name selection, I vote for New Cat, I have never been very creative with cat names, the last three cats I had were all named Mouse Killer, Mouse Killer 2 and Mouse Killer 3.

Evidently the new kitten has abundance of energy. If her eyes are open she wants to play!!!

So what would you name the little ball of fur?

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc


  1. Hows about Molly (by golly)??

  2. I vote for "Lottie" as an ode to her day of rescue!