Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yummy No Cook Chocolate Mousse

I wanted to show you how easy it was to make delicious chocolate mousse.  Well, not really chocolate mousse, more like pudding, it will provide a great source of protein, calcium, and offer a true taste treat.

This recipe could not be easier, only four ingredients, a blender, and 10 minutes required, that includes clean up too.

The four ingredients

1 package firm tofu (which is cholesterol free)
1t vanilla
1/3C Agave or Honey, agave will offer a lower glycemic index
2T Unsweetened Chocolate Powder

Seriously, don’t turn your nose up at the tofu, it blends to a nice smooth consistency, takes on the flavor of anything you mix it with, Harley even likes this recipe.

I use a Vitamixer for a blender the blending may take a bit longer with a standard blender. 


Put all ingredients in the blender, turn on the blender, and turn off when the items are creamed together.  Put the “mousse” in single serving cups refrigerate for an hour or two and enjoy, yum!!

This is not my recipe it comes to us from Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, a wonderful book with easy to understand data and some fun recipes in the back. 

Click here for the video.

God Bless,
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