Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do Good Things

Do Good Things
I am drawn to that statement.  I gravitate to the idea of pay it forward too.  When I got an email from my friends at Karma Krew that they were having a thoughts, words, and deed event at the beach at sunrise, I was all in.

Sunrise at the beach and I have a long history of good feelings.  When I asked Harley to join me on his only day off and he agreed I knew the event would be even more special.

Mary and Scott are the heartbeat of Karma Krew.  The request was simple, be at the beach at 6:45AM, they would have drawn a peace symbol in the sand where we would sit and offer peace to ourselves, our families, our community and the world.

I love this sort of spiritual outreach and when we arrived Mary was there to greet us and Scott was already at the top of the peace sign gazing out at the ocean, quiet, and thoughtful.  

We took a spot next to Scott and continued to watch the sunrise.  It was requested we arrive in silence and when we turned around to face toward the middle of the peace sign we were surprised to see the entire symbol packed with people.  I think next time we should have a larger circle.

We meditated, for the thought part of the event, we chanted for the word part, and then we were invited to clean up the beach for the deed part of the event.  Since Mom is still here we decided to do a deed in our neighborhood instead.

Mom and I went around our neighborhood and cleaned up the trash. 

Harley had the best “good thing.” We were in the car and he spotted a big box turtle trying to get across the road.  He looked at me and said, “That will never work he is going to meet a bad end the traffic is too busy.”  He got out of the car, we were going to drive the slimy slow poke to a safe area, then Harley spotted the turtle’s destination and walked him to the next pond.   He yelled to me, “Where do I leave the card?”

If you are interested in some “Do Good Things” cards let me know and you can start a pay it forward movement in your neighborhood. 

The card reads:
Do Good Things
You’ve received a DGT card.
Now Pass it on: do a good thing for someone and
Leave this card behind.  Let the chain of kindness continue on.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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