Friday, February 17, 2012

Credit card safety and RFID, radio frequency identification.

I am wonderful at magic shows, the child in me believes everything I see.  One time we saw David Copperfield and at the end of a truly amazing show he made it snow inside the auditorium, that is some wonderful stuff . How he did it I don’t care to know I like believing in magic.

Well, our friend Gino sent a news spot on the magic, ok so it isn’t magic in the traditional sense, of stealing your credit card information right in front of you through technology.  It must be true I saw it on the internet, tee hee.  You can let me know what you think.

I have one of the credit cards with the RFID technology or radio frequency identification.  These cards allow you to wave the card past a reader, the data is electronically transmitted, and you are on your way.   This is very convenient for consumers in a hurry.

If you have six minutes to view this video it may open your eyes to a new threat we need to guard against.  The consensus of experts is RFID is here to stay so it is up to us to do what we can to keep our data secure.

Once you view the segment you will see how easy it is to steal the data while the thief is standing right next to you, and they don’t even have to touch us.  You will also see and that a piece of aluminum foil is all we need to keep our data safe. 

I have a prediction to make, we are going to see many more of those cute little metal business card holders with credit cards inside.

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