Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How about a magic potion beauty cream?

We regularly get suggestions from our members, Kerrill has been a pen pal favorite of mine for years. Here is the latest suggestion from Down Under,

Kerrill wrote
"you should formulate a beauty product that combats aging."  

My Reply
Hi Kerrill,

All the eye creams and serums make me smile. I have always used what my Gram
used but find as I get older, old age moves in. Important stuff starts to
wear out, gravity happens, and most people want a magic pill to keep aging at bay.

It has been my experience, the people that look the best are usually outdoor
types that, eat healthy choices, get exercise, have good genes, and a happy
attitude about life. If we could figure out how to put that in a cream or
pill we could get rid of everything else we offer and just sell that. The
sad part is people are lazy when it comes to doing the right thing and would rather take a pill than
earn their glow.

Thank you for your note.  Have a happy day!!


Kerrell wrote back

Agreed. The inner will display on the outer! How true that is.

But this of course means we need to pay attention to the inner running of
the machine, which is why we use the supplements. All things "natural" these
days simply aren't. Intending on keeping good health with good food is
becoming harder and harder to do as the food we are buying no longer has the
vitamins and minerals it once did. This is the main reason I use supplements
in the first place.

I can say, it has worked. Am happy with my own health at this stage in life.
All be good!!  :) Working on the laziness aspect on a daily basis tho! :)
Now about that cream..... just kidding.... Keep well

Best wishes

We are always happy to get your suggestions on new products, don't hesitate to send a note for what you would like to have us offer, I keep track and when there is enough interest we start the process of research and development, supplying the new product.  L Tryptophan is the latest of these introductions, please don't hold your breath on the beauty cream, I just don't see it happening.

God Bless

Director of Member Services and Smiles
Our .Health Co-op, Inc

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