Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chemical Neuropathy

Harley, with sisters Sandy, and Shirley

We spent Christmas Eve with Sandy and her family.  Sandy is Harley’s younger sister. 

As we talked about what was going on in our lives the conversation took a turn to Sandy’s health, she told us she has been experiencing pain in her arms and shoulders which reflected the same condition Harley experienced several years ago.  He was diagnosed with chemical neuropathy.  As a carpenter he is exposed to many chemicals in finishes, sealants, paints, thinners, and preservatives in lumber to name a few.

Sandy is a meticulous home maker, both of her sons have terrible allergies and uses a wide variety of cleaning products every day.  Like Harley she hasn’t always protected her skin the way she should and is now experiencing this pain, it could be a coincidence.  (Ladies this is the perfect excuse to cut back on house cleaning.)

One of Sandy’s friends told a story about her Mom who is a house keeper, she told Sandy her Mom scrubbed her clients showers bare footed for many years now she has chemical neuropathy in her feet and lower legs.  Coincidence, maybe not.

We all hate going to the doctor so I don’t know if she will go for a professional evaluation or not.  Harley went through 5 doctors before he got someone that didn’t try to pump him full of drugs to mask the symptoms he was experiencing.  Finally they came up with a solution for a diagnosis he could relate to.

The short story with Harley was to detox his system with supplements, clean up his diet, and employ acupuncture to help him with pain and nerve problems.  The pain got so excruciating with Harley he couldn’t get dressed in the mornings by himself, he had difficulty driving his truck, and lying down to sleep was not possible the pain was too intense.  Sitting up was tolerable and he did this for many months.

We are hoping Sandy will benefit from what we have learned with her brother and not get symptoms as severe.  She is starting on Constant Health, D3 and Milk Thistle.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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