Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bladder Infection, not again...

I was just speaking to a friend about a recurring bladder infection she is having trouble with.  I know how difficult bladder infections can be, I had a 10 month challenge of my own many years ago.

I was in my 30’s and got that burning urgent feeling to urinate that always marks the start of a bladder infection.  Someone told me to try an over the counter product that turned my urine bright orange.  I felt a bit of relief and was happy to get to my doctor on Monday.

He gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way.  No warning about drinking extra water, or avoiding alcohol, after 2 weeks the problem seemed to be gone.  Then about six weeks later I felt the familiar burning and urgency again only this time it was worse.  Another trip to my doctor and I got more antibiotics these were stronger and would get rid of the problem once and for all, he was sure of it.  I took the prescription as directed and for another several weeks I was fine then the persistent symptoms returned.  By this time I was really tired of fooling around with the solution, I called Mom.

Mom said, “Get some pure cranberry juice if I can’t find pure juice get some concentrated cranberry vitamins, drink a cup of water every hour, and take Vitamin C every day, and get back to the doctor for more antibiotics.”   She told me  I had been flirting with a solution and likely had not  been on the antibiotics long enough to kill all the bacteria and it would come raging back twice as intense as before or the meds were not strong enough.

When the symptoms went away again Mom told me for as long as I had  this infection to drink a glass of cranberry juice each morning or take a cranberry supplement for a year.  What an entire year?

Mom was the head night nurse in a nursing facility for many years and as we ladies get older bladder issues can become troublesome and frequent so she had some inside information on stubborn infections and cranberry is on the front line of prevention for bladder infections.

Honestly, I was done with this crazy back and forth to the doctor and was willing to take the natural medicine.  Another tip I may have not employed each time was after using the toilet always wipe from back to front, NEVER the other way around. 

I think I took those cranberry caps for two or three years just to make sure I would have no more trouble.  It has been many years and, knock on wood, I have never had the problem again.

Keep in mind whenever you take antibiotics to repopulate your intestinal flora  after you cimplete the script with probiotics, of course I like Our Health Co-op Probiotics 16 because I know they are fresh and always tested.
God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
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