Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arranging Those Sparkly Things

I was waiting in the checkout line with a few purchases.  We all know how merchandisers put things near the checkout line so you will take notice and make an impulse purchase.  I am usually immune to theses blatant displays of pulling more money out of my wallet, except for this day.

When you get to be our age years of collecting “fashion” jewelry has taken place and the stuff is everywhere.  Many times I find things I haven’t seen for years while I am looking for something else. 

There they were right next to me as I waited to checkout, it was a rack of jewelry organizers offering easy organized access to those sparkly things we just love.  What could be more convenient and it hangs nicely in the closet. 

I looked them over then I  looked at the price, and turned away, to mull over the cost.  After a few moments I decided the price was fair for the function of the organizer so I looked again this time more carefully.

They had a pink one, I am drawn to pink, but have been gravitating toward green lately, I am not sure why, I continued looking and found a green organizer.  Hmm, I hung it in the first position on the rack and looked it over.  Then I turned it over and found the same amount of pockets on the other side.  I hung it back up again for the final inspection.  At this point I had decided to purchase the green organizer and was feeling quite good about my decision.

The funny part is while I was doing all this hanging and turning the woman in front of me was watching and started to chuckle.  I asked her if watching me decide on my purchase was funny and she told me it was the most fun she has had all day and she expected it to hold true until the next day, we both laughed and chatted until it was our turn to checkout.

Have you ever done that, watch someone decide.  I have and it can be quit comical.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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  1. Great idea for all our "sparklies" ~ thanks, Teri. RE: the lady shopper watching you in amusement, I must share a funny thing that happened at a kitchen store. While scanning the aisles, I came upon a shopping cart filled with gadgets so started thumbing through them, selecting several and placing them in my cart. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder and this male voice in my ear saying, "I'm glad you like my stuff, but you might want to choose your own!" He was amused and I was mortified. All in a day's journey to my own little funny farm!