Monday, December 12, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way back from the breakfast buffet.

Teri, Mike and Patty

Harley was getting ready to leave to visit with his grandchildren, we decided to have breakfast then go to the mall to pick up a few things he wanted to take with him.

We got to the restaurant, selected our table, got some coffee and were discussing our plans for the day.  The waitress came by and told us they were offering a breakfast buffet and would we like to try it.  We decided that would be a good idea once I found out there was chocolate mousse among other breakfast delights available.

This is a nice litte restaurant we have been coming to for years.

As I returned from the buffet with my plate I got to where I thought our table was and to my surprise was a man sitting there eating his breakfast and someone else was was with him reading the paper. 

I thought this is odd, took a step back, recounted the tables, and scanned the room in case I was wrong.

Nope I was sure these people were at our table.  Then I noticed my sunglasses and keys were at the table. Ah Ha!!

I walked over and said, “Excuse me.”

The lady slowly lowered the paper and it was our friends Patty and Mike.  They used to live across the street from us and now live in Georgia. 

They were dining with two other couples who were in hysterics, watching my confusion. 

When they went back to their table the waitress came over and apologized telling us, “I tried to get them to leave but they said you wouldn’t mind.”  She was likely worried about her tip.

It was nice to see our friends who are in town for the Christmas and New Year holidays.  We are getting together for dinner when Harley gets back from visiting the grandbabies.  I love the cheer of the holidays.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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