Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat...

I was studying at my desk when the first knock came to the door, so much for studying the Trick or Treaters were on the loose.

We had pirates, princesses, monsters, football players, and ballerinas.  They were so funny many of them not even looking up when we answered the door they spied the candy basket and their gaze was fixed.

Running from house to house the neighborhood was alive with laughter.

We live in a working class neighborhood and many of the families are young so this is a big deal for our pint sized neighbors.

The kid that showed up as a pirate had scars and a flashing saber, another child was a fairy princess with a flashing wand, and another little girl had flashing shoes a theme was becoming apparent.  (For any of you that are curious about the shoes the mom said the shoes only came in sizes for tiny feet, rats.)

One Dad arrived with two little people and a third in his arms.  The 11 month old in his arms had a tiny tiara and was a vision in white toile.  I would say this time next year Dad will be starting with grey hair, bless his heart he was just beaming with pride.

Another Mother came by with kids we had already seen.  She apologized and told us she was just tired and the kids didn’t know the difference they were getting candy.  We were thrilled to see the little monsters again.

Monday Night Football was ready to start; we gave the last of the candy to the last bunch of kids, turned off the light, and got ready to settle in.

One last thought on the topic of Halloween, did you see the commercial with a little boy trick or treating?  He was perplexed by a sign on a big stash of candy that read, “Please take just one.” As he was reading and obviously thinking about the message, a little girl comes up and takes the biggest handful of candy she can and drops it into her bag.  He says, “Hey, the sign says Please take just one.”  The little girl shrugs and replies as she reaches for another candy, “Oh, I can’t read.”

One of the moral dilemmas on All Hallows Eve.

I hope you had fun with any ghouls and goblins that may have arrived on your doorstep.

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