Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hot Flashes and BioIdential Hormones

 I had an appointment with Dr. Bone yesterday.  She is my gynecologist.  As you ladies know finding a gynecologist you can trust, relate to, and afford can be a triple edged sword. 

I have been seeing Dr. Bone for many years.  She came highly recommended by a friend; I had been looking for several years for the replacement to the retiring doctor I had and finally found someone that fit all the requirements.  I have had cervical cancer and a family history of breast cancer, Dr. Bone's care and understanding is imperative to my peace of mind.  

I remember the first office visit I was chatting about my medical history with one of the nurses and the question was asked, “How did you find us?”  My reply was, “The others don’t seem to care, I am looking for compassion.”  At that point Dr. Bone glided by and said, “You are in the right place because we care.”  And they do, so after all these years that staff is a pivotal part of my annual wellness evaluation.

Have you had hot flashes?
Do you have a history of cancer in your family or personal experience?
How is your bone density?

I am frequently asked about my personal experience from callers with these issues.

My experience with hot flashes is ugly.   It started in Kansas visiting my brother in the middle of the winter.  During the night I was being awakened by a warm sensation in the middle of my chest, hmm, this is odd, I thought, still not connecting the sensation with menopausal symptoms.  When I got back to Florida there was no doubt as to what this sensation was. 

My Dad used to tell me ladies don’t sweat they glow, at this stage my glowing days were done and I was sweating like a…well you know. 

I got to the point where I had sweat running down my temples, down the middle of my back and the next minute I was freezing.  My mood wasn’t really a swing it was more of a lasso being swung violently around and around. After a month of trying natural solutions I was a wreck.  I had tried the acupuncturist, Chinese herbs, modified my diet omitting all spicy and hot foods, boring, I drank special tea I thought might be harmful but drank it anyway.  One day Harley came home and I was lying naked on the tile floor, he said, “It is time for you to get some professional help, you are driving me nuts.” I was totally exhausted; I was ready for a radical solution.

Dr. Bone knew I was against hormone therapy and we talked about a BRACA test to see if I had the genes for breast cancer.  This was no easy test not that I had to do anything special the hard part was waiting for 4 weeks to get the results. I tried not to think of what my options were if it was a positive result I focused on my chances being the same as everyone else.

When the office finally called with the results they were negative.  I was not a candidate for raised chances to develop breast cancer.  With Mom and her sister both having had breast cancer you can imagine I was feeling relived.  I cried for 15 minutes and it was in that moment I decided to try bio identical hormones.

If you don’t know, with bio identicals you take a blood test to see where your hormone levels are. These test results come back quickly.  There is a normal range or if you have been with your doctor for a while she may have already tested you when you were feeling normal. 

After the first month on the cream you will go back for another test to see how well you are absorbing the hormones and they can adjust for moods, if you are still having hot symptoms, if your sex drive is too low.  At this stage you really need to be able to speak frankly with your physician.

We have a compounding pharmacy in the little town I live in and I felt better within a day, keep in mind how poorly I was feeling.

When I saw Dr. Bone yesterday she asked me how I was doing on the hormones, I told her everyone was quite pleased and we both laughed.

I am not suggesting bio identical hormones for everyone.  Many of our ladies get amazing results from taking our Menopause Formula which I take to keep me balanced.

Some ladies go through menopause like it is nothing.  Some of us suffer, I am not a complainer and I knew I needed help.  I hope you have someone you can turn to if you are having a difficult time. 

I am not a physician, and the only thing I am recommending is if you are suffering with menopausal symptoms have a serious conversation with a physician that is compassionate and current with research.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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