Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are you a mentor?

Do you mentor anyone?  There is so much need in today’s society to reach out a gentle hand and offer support as you can.  I am seeing many of my generation with empty nests looking for ways to help others and stay engaged in the true benefits of a happy life.  Which has nothing to do with a large home, money in the bank, or a master’s degree.  It has everything to do with heart.
Much has been written about being a mentor.  Have you felt the passion to help? 
A mentor expresses a quality of heart that is grounded and loving, the ability to celebrate another’s successes no matter the size, and the patience of not personally identifying with the outcome of the mentorship.  Sometimes these things don’t end as expected and being able to go on with the knowledge you have done your best in the situation is the reward.
“The mentor expresses, brahmavihara, quality of heart, which is to see and celebrate the good in others and celebrate another’s success as your own.”  Look for an opportunity to give selflessly, you will gain so much in the giving.
Have you been a mentor?  I would love to hear your experience and what you took away from it.  I am a mentor and have three wonderful mentors in my life.  Their guidance been a gift.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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