Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where is that cable?

Our Health Co-op purchased a Flip Video recorder for me.  I have had the recorder for a couple of weeks now and it was time to recharge the batteries.  I couldn’t remember where I put the adaptor cable to charge the batteries which is very unlike me.
I looked in my computer bag which is a rat’s nest of cords and cables of all sorts, nope not in there.

I looked in my camera bag which is where I keep my cable to download pictures, not there either.
I looked in my purse which is always a crap shoot on what will be found.  I did find the adaptor to plug in headsets on an airplane, but no miscellaneous cable that might fit the Flip.
I looked in the box the Flip recorder came in, no luck.

I tried pluggin my phone adaptor to it, nope.
I looked in the console of my car which has a USB port thinking I may have left it there which would be a long shot., no again.

This process has taken several days and by now I am not happy that I have lost the adaptor cable and will have to fess up to Stephen that I have lost it.
This morning I went into his office and started the lengthy story, I handed him the recorder and offered my deepest apologies for not being more careful.
He looked at me and smiled; he pushed a button on the side of the Flip and guess what?  There is no cable the USB adaptor is built right into the recorder, you can’t lose it.
I was very happy to know this tidbit I had forgotten, but it could have taken him a bit longer to solve the problem I had wasted so much time on.
I hope you find all your cables and adaptors today :)

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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