Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The bug flew right up my nose.

I was on the phone chatting with a customer yesterday afternoon when a kamikaze fruit fly decided to fly right up my right nostril.  I wasn’t pleased,  it certainly had ruined the fruit fly’s day. 
We are studying ahimsa in my yoga studies and ahimsa is the path of nonviolence.   I got thinking did I kill the bug or the bug kill himself?  Then I got thinking back to when I was a kid, my cousin Lenny and I each had a glass jar with a lid on it and we had captured a fly.  We were contemplating how we could nicely torture the flies, we didn’t want to kill them, so we decided to blow on them.  I was elected to go first.  So, I took the lid off the jar and took a big inhale swallowing the fly as I did. Cough, choke, spit, spit, and cough, ick.
As I recall it wasn’t long before I started throwing up and we had to confess our devious plan to torture the fly to my Aunt Mi Mi.   Mi Mi was not good under pressure and me throwing up so violently set her on edge enough we ended up in the emergency room.    
In the end I had pills to take and got a shot of something.  When I was a kid getting a shot and throwing up were two of my least favorite things to have happen and here I had gotten both.  I went on to live happily but still have a germ phobia when it comes to flies.
Back to yesterday, as soon as the bug flew up my nose I briefly thought of how awful my fly experience had been and started blowing my nose promptly.  The bug was out on the first try, then his friend started flying at my face.  I suppose he was looking for his buddy.
In the end I forgave myself for killing the bug, restrained myself from killing his friend, and didn’t get sick.
I still had the customer on the phone while I was trying to dislodge the bug from my nasal passage.  He said, “You are sounding very congested this afternoon are you alright?”  After relating the story he laughed and laughed wanting to know what time to call today to see what the adventure was going to be.  Yeash, I was actually expecting some sympathy.
God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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