Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Fellow Yoga Students

We have a wonderful group of people taking our Yoga Teacher Training, there are 15 of us.

Everyone is here for the same reason although the story is slightly different.  We all know when we practice yoga poses  we always feel better and would like to understand why.

One of our instructors discovered yoga when she was looking for a solution to chronic back pain.  After practicing the Yin style of yoga she found she did feel better but didn’t understand how that could be just breathing and bending, that was the beginning of her search.

One of our aspiring teachers is a gentleman, I would say around my age mid 50’s.  He was in the marines for many years and when he came home he was mad as hell at everyone and everything.  After too much time in the anger someone suggested yoga and meditation.  This is a real tough guy, looking at Tom you wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley, if you know what I mean.  After some time with the practice his anger dissipated and his focus changed.  Now he would like to offer yoga to returning vets.  He said, “You have to have the badge and the uniform or those guys won’t listen, I have both.” 

Maureen is a breast cancer survivor.  Yoga was part of her physical therapy and her dream is to give back to other survivors.  She is a beautiful woman so brave to be reaching out.  There is fear of pain that she is working through and I have the highest admiration for her.

One of our younger yogini’s found out the first day of class she is pregnant.  Poor sweetheart, Melissa told me somedays she is so sick she doesn’t know if she can make it to class and if that isn’t bad enough the thought of being upside down makes her even more conscious of her all day sickness.  Then she arrives in class and we start our practice, we have 1 ½ hour posture practice before our studies begin, and she feels better, she doesn’t know why it just happens.

Chris is on a delightful journey.  He is 6’ 6’ tall or so,  thin, long hair, gentle spirit, he is always smiling.  He would like to work with small children.  He told me breathing and postures take children with early life difficulties, and gives them another focus.  Their little minds are still free from the adult structure we have and  respond to yoga very quickly.

Our principal instructor Scott is a very interesting man, he has one foot in the real world understanding the challenges of everyday life and the other foot in deep understanding of the body mind connection.  His interest in yoga started with breathing, which is the key reason yoga makes us feel better.  Scott had chronic bronchitis as a child.  His father met a holistic practitioner in Arizona who taught Scott’s Dad how to breathe, Dad taught Scott and he was well on his way to recovery in months, and the bronchitis has never returned.

I feel blessed and privileged to be part of the journey of these remarkable people and these are only a few of the stories.  Our collective goal is to share with others what makes us feel so good about life, wow...

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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