Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Worried about pets drowning? Scamper Ramp.

I have been a dog lover all my life and until two years ago had retrievers.  Anyone that knows about retrievers know they love water, any type of water, pools, ponds, dirty mud puddles, canals, the ocean, and one time I had a golden named Zac who would sit in my bubble bath if he got a chance, Zeke would sleep in the bath tub patiently waiting for someone to turn on the water, he was a patient sort and on more than one occasion overnight guests would be startled to find a face looking at them during a night time bathroom break.

Not all dogs are as hydrophilic as Golden’s.  Take old Duke for example he would sink to the bottom of a pool in a flash. 

One time I had to go help a friend in the middle of the night, she lived on a river off the Jupiter Inlet; her dog had fallen in the river.  My friend was ill and couldn’t go in and get Ginger, who was very old and blind.  By the time I arrived Ginger was dead and floating away on the current.  My friend was distraught, that was a real heart breaker, I had to go in the river and get Ginger’s body to lay her to her final rest.  The ramp may have changed Gingers circumstances, I don't know.

Another friend, Bob, who is owned by a lab and takes Lex out boating regularly, sent me this link to a life saving device for pets to get out of pools, rivers, ponds, any location that had a challenging exit.  This ramp is easy for pets to use and can be put in place for our not so buoyant pets to be safe around water, it is easy to see and affordable.

Check out the video for the Scamper Ramp.

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