Monday, August 15, 2011

Satisfied customer

I had an interesting call from a long time customer.
The call sounded like he was conducting an interview about a product that had quality issues, this is the way it started, "What would you do if I received product that was stuck together?"  I offered some suggestions about replacing the problem item, offered to check the lot number for freshness, or if it would be easier we could issue a credit.
Then he said, “I would be happy to send the product back so you could see what happened. Would you want me to send the item back?”  I told him, “Thank you that could be helpful.”
Then he wanted me to know he was not one of “those” customers that create problems by sending items back all the time.  I agreed with him we have no notes about complaints or negative comments.
I finally asked him if he had an issue we could help him to correct.
He said, “No, the problem is with one of your competitors.”  Seems our friend had presented this problem to the company in question and they offered a 5% discount on his next purchase and that was all they were willing to do.  This offer was not going to satisfy this gentleman.
He was up in arms asking me if I knew how difficult it is to get loyal customers.  I agreed with him it is very difficult to establish a long term relationship with customers and I am always honored by the loyalty of our repeat long term customers.
Then he told me the entire issue was over $12.00.
The company in question is one of the larger supplement companies.  Our friend then said, “Don’t get so large you lose touch with your customers and the wonderful customer service you have.”
If you ever have a problem with any items sent to you by Our Health Co-op all we ask is the opportunity to make it right and keep you as a satisfied customer.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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