Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lobster Dinner

We just love Lex and when we get to dog sit we are blessed to have her. 
Miss Lexus
When Lex’s people went away a few weeks ago to the west coast of Florida we got to feel the puppy love for four days.  Bob and Tami had gone to dig scallops.  When they came to pick Lex up they were going to share the scallops with us as a thank you, I told them Harley would eat some but none for me I just don’t like scallops.
Bob said, “That’s great we didn’t get that many when lobster season starts Tami and I will get you some fresh lobster.”  Who would argue with that?  Certainly not us.
Several weeks have gone by, I was shopping Sunday afternoon when my cell phone rang,  it was Bob he said, “We are on the boat just coming in the Jupiter Inlet, meet us at Burt Reynolds Park as soon as you can get there.”  I said, " OK."   I was standing in the checkout line with my purchases as soon as I was done I headed for the park which is about 3 miles away.  Perfect timing, when I arrived Tami was backing the trailer down the ramp to pull the boat out of the water. 
Lex of course was on the boat and happy to see me, in all fairness she is happy to see a total stranger, labs are like that you know.
Bob handed me a bag with four lobster tails.  We don’t get the Maine lobster with claws here  in Florida we get a South American Spiny lobster. They don’t have claws but they are fast and crafty.  I know, I have grabbed and lost many a fine lobster scuba diving.
The lobster tails were amazing and we are happy to watch Lex anytime Bob and Tami go on a puppy free adventure.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc


  1. Lex is one of the most prized members of our entire family. We love to watcher her jump into the pool to chase down a ball. She is my brother's best pal in the world and I'm so glad others in the world get to enjoy her!

    Lex's Aunt Elizabeth

  2. A head-shot of Lex would have been nice.