Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me.

3 Generations, niece Jackie and her beautiful daughters.
So here we are on my birthday, Happy Birthday Teri, why thank you very much!

I called to chat with my Mom, she was a big part of getting me here you know.  She told me a fun story about my birth I was not aware of and will share with you now.

The tiny, one traffic light town, I was born in, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, held a carnival the middle of August every year.  It was one of those 1955 era small town events everyone participated in, especially the last day of the carnival, as a car was raffled off and given away that day.

Mom's best friend Mary was a nurse and she was attending the carnival, I guess you had to be there to win the car.  It was all arranged Mary was to go to the hospital with Mom to help with my arrival when the time came.  As it turns out I was ready to arrive the last day of the carnival, Mary was at the carnival when they announced over the loud speakers, "Mary Gargani, Bea Baker is ready to go to the hospital."  The whole crowd cheered.

My Dad was at the carnival calling Bingo he was surprised too.  Apparently, it was news almost as exciting to some as the car being given away.  I was welcomed by the tiny town of Federalsburg Maryland 56 years ago today.

It was a very nice start to a very happy life.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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  1. Hi, Teri ~~~
    I'm 56 now too, and I'm told there was some extra excitement around my birth also. My mom was living in a tiny town outside Paris, France; she spoke no French, and my father, who was an Air Force pilot and a translator, was away on a tour of duty. There were torrential rains causing flash floods, and Mom had to get a cab to the hospital. The gendarmes and the cabdriver kept trying to reroute her to the French hospital, which apparently didn't have the best reputation. She somehow managed to insist through it all and arrived at the American Hospital in Paris just barely in time. My "children" have all been rescue animals, and that's plenty of excitement for me!