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The questions run deep on the harms of Fluoride.

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We did an interview this week with longtime friend of the Co-op and dentist Dr. Karen Tracy. During the interview I asked Karen her opinion of fluoride, she was speechless for a moment or two, which is unlike Karen.  To get her out of the jam I asked, “Let me ask do you use fluoride in your toothpaste” Her answer was, “No.”

Finding it curious that we couldn’t get a straight answer I started to look around the Internet.  Seems the people that are against fluoridation are REALLY passionate about getting away from all chemically produced fluoride.  One of the YouTube videos I reviewed was done to provoke interest in learning more on why adding fluoride may not be a good idea.  Dr. Bill Osmunson tells us to look at our toothpaste tube, on the back is a listing for Drug Facts, under that listing you will likely see Sodium fluoride.  He goes on to say if he were to give you this drug for internal consumption he would have to write a prescription.  The toothpaste label tells us we should not swallow the toothpaste and if we do “Contact a Poison Control Center right away.” Hmm, do you find this as interesting as I do?  Honestly, I have never read the toothpaste label until today.

When Harley first started experiencing symptoms of chemical neuropathy several years ago one of the naturopath's recommendations was to eliminate fluoride from his consumption.  We no longer use fluoridated toothpaste and have installed a RO, reverse osmosis, filter system for our kitchen water.  Everyone that drinks water at our home comments on how good it tastes.

The fair people of Fairbanks Alaska recently voted to do away with fluoride in their water system.  It was a hard won battle, at the end of the day the happy citizens will have less chemicals in their water.
Here is an excerpt from one of Our Health Co-op newsletters on fluoride 
Did you know fluoride can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth, and continued exposure to fluoride can contribute to inflammation of your bones and joints?  Strong links also exist between fluoride and the thyroid gland, with many folks believing it is a major contributor to the rise in hypothyroidism.
While the use of fluoride continues to be debated in medical circles, this kat agrees with Dr. Hardy Limeback the head of Preventative Dentistry at the University of Toronto who advised against fluoride,
“The benefits are exaggerated and there is growing evidence of overexposure from fluoridated toothpaste and other sources. On the risk side, so many people will end up with ruined teeth, fragile bones, acute sensitivities, thyroid problems and an increased risk for cancer, all in the name of preventive dentistry.” 

The choice is yours, please look at the research and decide for yourself.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc
RO filter in kitchen, at the top of the sink is a separate spout for the water to dispense

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