Friday, July 1, 2011

Ice your Knee

Have you ever had your doctor tell you to ice your knee to help reduce inflammation?

I have too.

Are you sure you know what that looks like?

I thought I did, when I didn't get any further instruction, I never gave icing my knee another thought.  I came home filled a zip lock bag with ice cubes and put it on my knee for the required ten minutes and I was off doing what ever was on the agenda for that day.

What I was doing was icing the knee cap, that was not the goal. Apparently, the blood flow to the knee runs behind the knee and the goal was to ice the entire knee front, sides, and back.

Once it was explained to me by a professional, I purchased two cool packs, put them in the freezer for the required time, then put them in a pillow case one layer thick one went length wise under my knee and the other wrapped around the top and sides of my knee.

For an added bonus to the healing process, elevate your leg higher than your heart.  This was recommended to make it easier for our hearts to pump the blood, increasing circulation.

Now you know a proper way to ice your knee, in case it ever comes up.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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  1. Teri -- I tried putting icing on my knees but then I had a hard time licking it all off. So my cats helped and did a good job. (hehehehe) thinking of your Dad. Happy 4th QueensMary, Waxhaw, NC