Friday, July 22, 2011

Duke, it's a dogs life.

I am a dog lover, Harley is too.  We volunteered to watch the neighbor’s dog Duke while they were on vacation.  

I will start by saying the poor little guy is confused, all the activity in his normally active home is suddenly gone and the only ones left are Duke and the cat.  Cat lovers you know the cat could care less that the people are gone.

Duke is an English bulldog, he stays at his house during the night because he has a breathing disorder that makes him grunt and snore LOUDLY, it is like living with the Tazmanian Devil.  For me it is a bit unsettling.  If Duke has been for a walk or gets heated playing the grunting takes on a life of its own,  so we schedule walks just before we take him home in mornings when I am ready to leave for work, or in the evening when we are getting ready to retire. 
The first day of Duke’s visit Harley brought him over in the morning we fed him breakfast, he helped me do some yoga, I got ready for work and I took him for a walk.  Things were going well until we got about two blocks away from home and he stopped.  I tried to entice him to continue and he refused, my coaxing was in vain, Duke wasn’t moving.  I ended up carrying the poor grunting, panting pooch the two blocks home.  By then I was all hot and sweaty with no time to shower before work, I left Duke at his home wished him and the cat a nice day and off I went. 
Duke’s Mom and Dad have a pool and we have permission to use it while they were away.  I was enjoying the pool when Duke came over and started barking, woof, woof,  woof, he refused to stop barking  until I got out of the water.   We decided he didn’t like us swimming.  Harley and I are used to Golden Retrievers so this is a big departure from our dog experience, poor Dukie would sink like a lead balloon if he got in the water that may be why he was barking.
The next day I decided to take him for a walk this time only one block, hedging my bet that he would complete the task.  OK he is good with one block problem solved right, nope.  The next day he decided he was done walking and wouldn’t leave our front yard, yeash, how am I supposed to get him to exercise?  Maybe he dosen't exercise.
When Harley got home that night we decided to walk him together to see if it maybe I was the problem with the walking.  Nope Duke is done walking who knows what is going on in Duke’s sweet little head?  I tried to figure it out and failed miserably.
There was one other issue, bless his darling little heart, Duke’s face and nose are so mushed together he snorts like a pig most all the time, on these hot Florida summer days it causes him to pant, each time he pants the spit flies off his tongue.  He turns into a spit sprinkler. It is amazing how much spit a little dog can produce.
I am happy to report Dukes’s people are home and he is happy things are back to normal.
God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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