Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best $1.00 purchase of the week, the clothespin doll.

This may be the best dollar I spend this week.  I saw Flopsey and couldn’t resist the purchase.
Funny, I looked at all the hand work that went in to making Flopsey and had to have her.  You put clothespins in the pockets of her legs, her reason for existing is laundry on the line and I don’t have a clothes line. 
I suppose I could have Harley put up a clothes line but then the Mulberries are ripe and I would have blue streaks of Mulberry poop on my clothes, from the birds.  I know this from my years in Maryland the Mulberry tree was taller than our home and in Maryland the Mulberries had a single season here in Florida they bloom all the time.
When I was a kid Mom would hang clothes on the line.  She had these wire forms she would put in Daddies pant legs to keep the wrinkles out, the shirts were hung upside down so they didn’t have clothespin marks in a place people could see.  Sometimes it was so cold on laundry day the clothes would freeze and they would come in looking like boards.  I did love getting into bed with crisp cool sheets that had been hanging on the line, it is a perfect send off to the sandman.
I remember Grama Vic had a washer in her basement when I was tiny, a very scary place back then, the washer had a crank wringer to remove the water from the clothes, then they were hung in the backyard.
Part of what made the basement so scary is Grampa, he would go down there first thing on cold mornings and shovel the coal in the furnace.  I could hear his footsteps on the creaking stairs and then the scraping sound would start.  When you are little you don’t think the scary noise in the basement is your Grandpa warming the house.  Sorry, I don’t know how I got on this thought.
I love my find and might have to have our Flopsey clothespin doll turn into a bag holder which would be much more reasonable for me, even though most of the time I take my own bags to the grocery store.
I hope you have a great  find for $1.00 this week.

God Bless,
Director of Member Services and Smiles
OurHealth Co-op, Inc

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  1. Teri,

    Before I read to the end, I was going to suggest using it as a plastic bag holder.