Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Throwback...Mountian Dew

We were in Georgia a few weeks ago and Harley ran into a convenience store for something to drink.  When he came out he had a Mountain Dew, it is unusual for him to drink soda.   

I started reading the label and in big letters it read "throwback MADE WITH REAL SUGAR"  How against today's advertising to promote an ingredient that has been beat up for years in the news.  He purchased the product because it had sugar, Harley was happy with the flavor, "no funny aftertaste" he said.

The many stories on high fructose corn syrup doing a huge disservice to our immune systems and  slowly eroding our overall health is getting attention.  I am always amazed by the voices that support "new and improved" and then the louder voices saying no the original was fine.
These were only available until February 22, 2011 for purchase so I guess Harley got a stale old bottle.  I can tell you he really liked it.  The freedom to choose is a wonderful option.

I suppose if we see the throwback bottle again we will know Harley wasn't the only one that liked the real sugar.

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