Friday, June 3, 2011

Guided Wellness Meditation

Stephen has a cold.  I am not very friendly to people with colds.  Honestly, if you have a cold and come close to me you could get a dose of Lysol, not being one to take foolish chances on messing up a week of my life with cooties. 

Did you hear Chris and special guest Dan Howard?  They were talking about Intentional Resting.  It seems like an interesting process of mind over body.

Chris and I were talking today about the power of intention.  If any of you are Oprah watchers you will know she promotes the power of intention in our lives too and over the years has presented many excellent examples of this on her show.  Dan was even featured in her O Magazine.

Chris brought up an interesting idea about a powerful meditation you can do that activates your immune response.  I think Stephen needs a dose of this mental medicine so I inquired further.  The Inspired Learner in me always wants to know more about new ideas.

”Using the meditation process you sit and breathe down the back of your throat, eyes closed (like normal) and then smile and feel your immune system (thymus, gut, etc.) all being turned on and humming perfectly,  then you turn them up, in your mind, a notch or two, still smiling (it's an important part of it)...  then you picture your whole body encompassed in light that only allows in healthy essence.”   I am already feeling better.

Then, you thank your body and immune system for keeping you healthy now and in the future.

The Mind-Body connection has been a topic of many studies.  Dr. Deepak Chopra has studied this extensively.  The connection of emotions, attitudes, spiritual awareness, and physical health came to Dr. Chopra during his years of practice. 

Bill Henderson promotes healing cancer naturally.  He devotes space in his book to the relationship of stress and emotional distress promoting disease.

I know meditation helps me feel better, more calm and focused, my stress levels are dramatically reduced when I pause with intention,  now I am going to try guided wellness meditation. 

Do you have any experience with this?

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