Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Closet Discipline

Half of my closet.
I was having breakfast with my great friend and fashion maven, Cecilia, last Saturday; I mentioned I was going to a wedding and asked her if she had anything I could borrow for the event.  Cecilia can make a color statement like nobody’s business.  As a painter her life revolves around color so I was all ears when she started mentally going through her closet.
She had this and that but the most interesting thing she said was. “I have an amazing skirt, with beautifully flowing lines, in a shade of blue that would make a dramatic statement, and the tags are still on the skirt.” I was shocked and asked, “How long have you had this skirt?” thinking it must be new or why would she buy such an amazing item if she wasn’t going to be wearing it soon herself.
Turns out she just bought it because it is beautiful and never took the tags off.   She had no plans of wearing the skirt any time soon. It was just hanging in the closet waiting for the perfect occasion to come up so she can dazzle her fellow guests, hmmm.
Is it just me or is that an interesting story in itself.  Either I don’t like to shop that much or I am missing another key component to purchasing an items and not wearing it.  It is probably because I watch my pennies closely, clothes aren’t that important to me, or my closet is small.    
When I buy clothes I have a purpose for them.  My closet is tiny and very organized.  If I purchase a new shirt, I go through my closet and take a shirt out and put it in the bag going to the thrift store, I do the same thing with pants and shoes.  I have more fancy party dresses than I need but hold on to them for odd reason, I think it is all the sparkles.
I have heard of women who purchase clothes that hang in their closet with the tags on.  Actually, I told Cecilia I had seen these clothes at thrift stores but always thought those clothes belonged to someone that had died unexpectedly, silly me.
I must be too practical.  I don’t shop that much that I would be carried away to make a purchase and not wear it.
Cecilia says I have closet discipline, she wishes she had more closet discipline. Keep in mind no one ever comes to me to borrow clothes.
Are you a person that purchases clothes not knowing where you will wear them if ever?
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