Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can you see when you are backing up?

The NAV Backup screen

I got a much needed new car in January; it has all the bells and whistles that weren’t available when I purchased my last car.  I am one of those consumers when I purchase a new car, I take care of it, and drive it until it just won’t go anymore, or is too expensive to fix.
I love all the options this car has and if I had to give them all up you would have to fight me for the backup camera.  I didn’t think I would love it, I was wrong.  It makes a huge difference in my driving confidence in all sorts of situations especially now, that I can see what I might have struck without being able to look back.
I have been fortunate enough just since January to have missed striking an English bull dog that darted behind me; there was the front of a small sports car, a garbage can, and two small kids.
 We have had another incident in our area of a small child being backed over when someone didn’t know they were playing in the driveway.  I can’t imagine the pain a driver would have to live with if they drove over a child.  With the camera and screen I have you couldn’t back over anything unless you just weren’t paying attention.
Harley drives a big pickup I have on occasion gotten out of the truck to walk around to see what was out of my sight.  
I just love this option and we are thinking about getting an aftermarket camera for Harley’s truck.  They have several packages available as an aftermarket option.  Has anyone installed one in their car or truck?

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